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Prospero Baschieri (Baschira) was a farmer, chief brigand, who lived near Bologna at the beginning of the 19th century. His stories, told by storytellers, became over time the legend of the brigand who turned against injustice and oppression.



"I was looking for a symbol of freedom, in my imagination there was a pirate. In Budrio, where I grew up, there is no sea, so I opted for a brigand. In the role of Baschira I listen, tell and sing the stories of those without a voice. " 



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The creation of Zdasdat was made possible mainly thanks to the enthusiasm and active participation of a team of exceptional outlaws.

Audio Credits
Davide Cristiani: Vocals
Mauro Rolfini: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Anton Jakimenko: Clarinet
Tilo Baumheier: Flute
Francesco Salmaso: Tenor Saxophone
Gerryt: Euphonium
Giusy Tricoli: Additional Vocals
Matteo Battaglia: El. Guitar
Carlo d’Alessandro: El. Guitar
M. Reda Gherici: El. Bass
Henrik Holm: Bass
Bartho Staalman: Drums
Floris Van Elderen: Drums
Riccardo Migliorini: Synthesizers

Recorded and mixed by Mario Da Silva
Mastering Pietro Rossi - RedStone Productions

Album Cover  by Silvia Celiberti
Photos made by Lateralfoto

Digital distribution and promotion: (R)esisto Distribuzione
Label and physical distribution: Radici Music Records

Credits Videoclip "Brucia"
Idea:  Davide Cristiani
Directed by Enzo Dumettier
Dancer Paola Ghidini
Produced by Flip the egg productions

Credits Videoclip "Il Biondo"
Designed by Davide Cristiani
Directed by Andrea Durante
Produced by Andrea Durante 


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